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        Welcome: Yueyang zhongnan electromagnetic technology co., LTD., lifting electromagnet, electromagnetic chuck
        Language: Chinese ∷  English

        Customized professional solutions

        Free door-to-door, personalized custom professional package. Listen to customer needs, meet customer needs for 50 years of suction cup manufacturing experience, advanced product manufacturing process. Large scale, full variety, strong research and development capabilities, fast delivery, and high cost performance. One-on-one to provide you with solutions to solve the product.

        CONTACT US

        Contact: Raymond ho

        Phone: 13975020799

        Tel: 0730-8643783

        Email: zndct@zndct.com

        Add: Yueyang yueyang building district cold water shop intersection

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        龙8 呼图壁县 建德市 天镇县 伊宁县 乐昌市 梁山县